News - september 25, 2012

Training of moderators and last mini kits arrived in Congo

New shipment of mobile cinema kits and partnersNext to the 8 mobile cinema kits already distributed to the first batch of local partners in August,10 additional kits were assembled and shipped to DR Congo late October. All have been distributed to 10 new partners, making the total of partners involved in the campaign to stand at 18 (6 in Kinshasa and 12 in South Kivu). Over the coming 10 months all partners will organize around 30 screenings, reaching out to an estimated total of 25,000 people. Some of these screenings will target community members, others judiciary personnel. Even though part of these screenings will be organized within projects that those partners have funded by other donors, the campaign budget has foreseen a contribution of USD 10,000 for each organization to contribute to the logistical costs involved in organizing the screenings. Next to these screenings, SFCG has begun organizing large public screenings with the community film in both Kinshasa and South Kivu, reaching an estimated 240,000 people by September 2013. Next to the projection kits, also the final version of the films and the moderation handbook were brought to Congo and distributed.

Training of facilitators

In August and November two training sessions for the local facilitators of the campaign films has been organized in Bukavu, eastern Congo. The first training targeted the 8 organizations first to join the campaign; the second training targeted both the initial and new organizations. The trainings were organized in a practical hands on-manner with ample space for facilitation exercises and feedback. Attention was paid to how to introduce screenings, key-questioning, technical facilitation tricks and tips as well as the collection of data so as to monitor changes in perception before and after a screening. During the last day of the training real beneficiaries (community members and lawyers) were invited to challenge the moderators to perform before a real audience. The training was given by Nynke Douma (MCF) in collaboration with experienced moderators from Search for Common Ground.

Official launch of the campaign

The pilot period has been extended until late October, which was due to some delays in projection administration as well as the fact that the official approval by the Congolese Ministry of Justice was still pending. Even though screenings continue over the coming weeks, the official launch of the campaign is scheduled for the 10th of December, International Human Rights Day. It is planned to involve the Congolese Minister of Justice during a public screening in Kinshasa, in addition to generating ample media publicity amongst others by means of a television feature on the campaign to be produced by the Congolese state media network RTNC.

Complementary lobby

The partners of the campaign, through the Congo-based campaign coordinator, will collaborate in planning lobby activities during the entire campaign period. Lobby will in part be realized by organizing screenings for parliamentary members, and will focus on debating two key challenges observed in the Congolese justice system: the weak financial contribution of the Congolese state to the functioning of the justice system, and issues linked to independence and neutrality of judicial staff which are often compromised by corruption, political pressure and NGO interference in the justice system.

Capacity building through the involvement of Dutch judges

First discussions are held with a number of Netherlands-based organizations of magistrates, judges and lawyers to study how their expertise could be transferred to their Congolese colleagues, for example by organizing maser-classes in DR Congo as part of the campaign’s activities. Focus of such exchange activities will probably lie on ethics of the profession.

News - december 19, 2013

Droit pour Tous evaluated

The Droit pour Tous campaign will officially end by November. This is related to the end of the contract term with the donor the Dutch Postcode Lottery. We are currently looking into possibilities for additional funding to continue using the films. The campaign project is in comings weeks being evaluated, which is an exercise taking place on three levels. FULL STORY

News - juli 13, 2012

Droit pour Tous campaign in final preparation stage

After a full year of intensive preparations, the ‘Droit pour Tous’ (rights for all) campaign will enter its one-month pilot phase in August. FULL STORY

News - december 6, 2011

Mobile Cinema for Congo’s army up and running

Since August 2011, 6 short films developed by the Mobile Cinema Foundation are being shown to soldiers from Congo’s army. FULL STORY

News - september 12, 2011

New record: 10.000 Congolese attend the Mobile Cinema

Around 10.000 people gathered to watch a screening of ‘Fighting the Silence’ in Mulo village on the 21st of August 2011 in North Kivu, DRC.

News - maart 26, 2011

Open Air Cinema big succes!

A large number of people had gathered for the open air cinema where ‘The Mobile Cinema’ documentary premièred.  The event also marked the launch of the Mobile Cinema Foundation. FULL STORY

News - maart 19, 2011

Politicians open ‘The Mobile Cinema’

Secretary of State Mr Ben Knapen (Foreign Affairs) opens the premiere of ‘The Mobile Cinema’ on the 25th of March at het Spuiplein in The Hague. FULL STORY

News - maart 17, 2011

Official launch Mobile Cinema Foundation

The Mobile Cinema Foundation will be launched on 25 March at 20:30 during Amnesty International’s Movies that Matter Film Festival in The Hague. FULL STORY