News - maart 26, 2011

Open Air Cinema big succes!

A large number of people had gathered for the open air cinema where ‘The Mobile Cinema’ documentary premièred.  The event also marked the launch of the Mobile Cinema Foundation. The screening was meant to share the experience of organizing open air screenings using the Mobile Cinema concept in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the public here in the Netherlands.

The atmosphere at het Spuiplein was cozy, as fire baskets lit up the square and orange blankets were handed out to the audience to counter the chilly March evening temperatures. If it wasn’t for the cold, the event nearly resembled a screening of the Mobile Cinema in Congo.

Taco Ruighaver, the director of the Movies that Matter film festival introduced the screening and stated that bringing films back to the communities where they were produced is a trend that can increasingly be observed in the film world. “The Mobile Cinema Foundation takes on an innovative approach to reflect, share and discuss on the basis of images, which will eventually be moving people into action”.

After the screening, Mrs Margriet Leemkuil, Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation,  Mrs Kathleen Ferrier, member of parliament for the CDA, and Mrs Wassila Hachchi, member of parliament for D66 were invited at the stage to react on the screening.

All three were equally impressed. “The Mobile Cinema Foundation makes awareness raising on sexual violence and the position of women very concrete and practical”, said Mrs Leemkuil. Even though the position of the Netherlands vis-à-vis development cooperation in Congo is currently being reconsidered, “the Dutch government will continue support projects that focus on human security and women’s rights”, she added.

Mrs Wassila Hachchi (D66) was impressed by the Mobile Cinema project featured in the documentary. What struck her most were the reactions of Congolese men after having seen the film. “Their perceptions on women show that the process of change is long and it confirms my conviction that women – wherever they are in the world – are the motor for development”.

Mrs Kathleen Ferrier (CDA) who traveled to Congo several times, is familiar with the difficulties of working in the Congolese context and the security challenges that lie ahead for the country. She was pleased to learn that the Mobile Cinema Foundation is currently setting up a Mobile Cinema project for the Congolese army. “Interventions in the security sector, to assure stability and human protection, are a priority for the Dutch government. Therefore it is very important that the military are trained, not only in the context of multilateral and UN agencies, but also through projects like these”.

Mrs  Wassila Hachchi (D66)                      Mrs Kathleen Ferrier (CDA)

The Mobile Cinema Foundation is looking back to an interesting premiere and successful launch of the Foundation. Also, it was rewarding that Mrs Leemkuil, Hachchi and Ferrier accepted to be present and participate in the debate. Linking the audience with politicians through this special Mobile Cinema in the Netherlands, underlines a commitment to Congo and is an acknowledgment for the Congolese people that have put a lot of effort in making the Mobile Cinema projects to a success.

News - december 19, 2013

Droit pour Tous evaluated

The Droit pour Tous campaign will officially end by November. This is related to the end of the contract term with the donor the Dutch Postcode Lottery. We are currently looking into possibilities for additional funding to continue using the films. The campaign project is in comings weeks being evaluated, which is an exercise taking place on three levels. FULL STORY

News - september 25, 2012

Training of moderators and last mini kits arrived in Congo

New shipment of mobile cinema kits and partnersNext to the 8 mobile cinema kits already distributed to the first batch of local partners in August, FULL STORY

News - juli 13, 2012

Droit pour Tous campaign in final preparation stage

After a full year of intensive preparations, the ‘Droit pour Tous’ (rights for all) campaign will enter its one-month pilot phase in August. FULL STORY

News - december 6, 2011

Mobile Cinema for Congo’s army up and running

Since August 2011, 6 short films developed by the Mobile Cinema Foundation are being shown to soldiers from Congo’s army. FULL STORY

News - september 12, 2011

New record: 10.000 Congolese attend the Mobile Cinema

Around 10.000 people gathered to watch a screening of ‘Fighting the Silence’ in Mulo village on the 21st of August 2011 in North Kivu, DRC.

News - maart 19, 2011

Politicians open ‘The Mobile Cinema’

Secretary of State Mr Ben Knapen (Foreign Affairs) opens the premiere of ‘The Mobile Cinema’ on the 25th of March at het Spuiplein in The Hague. FULL STORY

News - maart 17, 2011

Official launch Mobile Cinema Foundation

The Mobile Cinema Foundation will be launched on 25 March at 20:30 during Amnesty International’s Movies that Matter Film Festival in The Hague. FULL STORY