project - Congo

Campaigning against Impunity

To address and bring a halt to the impunity that is widespread in Congo’s justice system by means of a nation-wide campaign.

Despite the seriousness and scale of rape crimes that are committed in Congo hardly anybody is held responsible for them. Widespread impunity is caused by the poor functioning of the Congolese national justice system, which is characterised by corruption, poor legal training, violations of procedures, lack of political will and the limited presence of tribunals in rural areas. As a consequence, survivors of rape are seldom able to get their rapists behind bars. Those who do end up in prison are usually poor and sometimes even innocent because the rights of suspects are rarely respected.

The campaign against impunity uses film in different ways. Mobile cinemas raise awareness on judicial procedures at the community level. Tailor-made films aim at changing the attitudes of personnel in the justice system and short clips are used to motivate Congo’s politicians to take judicial reform seriously.

This project well be implemented in collaboration with Cordaid, Stichting Vluchteling and the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

project - Congo

Fighting sexual violence in the army

Educating soldiers of Congo’s National Army that rape is a crime with devastating consequences for their victims, society and themselves.

project - Congo

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